About Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is a very natural state of pleasant deep relaxation. During hypnosis you are not asleep, you are in a state of heightened awareness, where the mind remains clear, alert and focused on something.

Hypnosis may feel as if you are daydreaming and is a natural form of consciousness which many people experience on a daily basis. For example if you have ever been so absorbed in a book or a film it has felt as if you are actually there, that is a form of hypnosis, as is the experience some people have when waking in the morning being aware of everything going on around them yet still being in a very relaxed dream like state.

Our minds work on two levels, the conscious (logical) and the subconscious (or unconscious) part of the mind. We make decisions, think and act with our conscious mind and there are no emotional problems at the conscious level.

Sometimes, there is conflict between the two parts of the mind. You may (logically) want to be a certain way, yet find yourself doing the opposite automatically and without thinking. For example: you know it makes sense to stop overeating, or stop smoking, yet you keep doing it, even though you don’t want to.

The subconscious is far more powerful as it contains all your knowledge, hidden power and potential. The subconscious part of the mind controls all our habits and everything we do automatically without thinking, as well as our emotional responses. It’s here that all emotional problems have their roots.

Hypnotherapy (the therapeutic use of hypnosis) can bring about amazing results: typically people will find that their self-esteem, confidence, effectiveness at work, enjoyment of relationships and motivation to work towards goals is enhanced. It is a good way of helping people remove ‘blocks’ which have been holding them back from achieving their goals.

The positive changes and general outcomes of therapy include: being free of past emotional distress, having more understanding about yourself with more options in your thinking, more confidence in yourself, more control over your emotional and psychological states.

Hypnotherapy is now widely accepted in conventional medicine and is very effective in treating many psychological, emotional and physical issues. It is not hypnosis that provides relief from your symptoms, it is the therapy used whilst you are in a hypnotised state. Hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis usually combined with deep relaxation and other therapeutic techniques to help people with all kinds of habits, emotional or psychological problems.

The use of Hypnosis for therapy is called Hypnotherapy – and can be applied in a variety of ways…

  • Suggestion and visualisation
  • Positive thinking and guided imagery
  • Analytical therapy
  • Regression Hypnosis
  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)
  • Belief Work

Fast, effective therapies for lasting change

The use of hypnosis and hypnotherapy can help people to facilitate the successful treatment of conflicts, to bring about the result you are looking for. Tony often combines a variety of techniques to maximise results.

Suggestion hypnotherapy

This usually requires only one or two sessions.

This makes use of a combination of positive suggestion, visualisation and hypnosis. This is beneficial suggestion to change bad habits into good ones, for example, stopping smoking and weight management.

Suggestion therapy is for milder problems, this makes use of positively worded suggestions for your own well-being. Whilst in hypnosis, the powerful hypnotic suggestions enter deeply into your unconscious mind, thus enabling your subconscious and your willpower to work in harmony. Suggestion can be very effective in treating: habits, smoking, nail biting, weight control, pre-test nerves, encouraging confidence and calmness during moments of high stress.

For relief of a deep rooted emotional problem, suggestion therapy is ineffective because it does not deal with the underlying cause of the problem.

Analytical hypnotherapy

(Most problems/symptoms take between 4 and 8 sessions)

RESOLVE YOUR ISSUES…Gain insight and understanding.

Analytical therapy can be used where traditional suggestion therapy does not totally eliminate your problem.

This is one of the most effective forms of personal therapy available today for helping people with the longer term problems.

This style of therapy is often life-changing.


The aims of counselling is to talk through your troubles in confidence, to understand things from your point of view, help to reach a clearer understanding and explore resources so that you can deal with difficult situations.

Tony’s client centred philosophy ensures that he gives you the very best therapy for your specific requirements, to help you bring about beneficial changes. Sometime this involves ‘going back’ to resolve something in the past and/or we work ‘going forward’ for success and achievement. Hypnotherapy helps people to manage their emotional needs in a positive, healthier way.

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