Frequently asked questions

How many sessions will I need?
This depends entirely upon what you come to see me for and upon your level of commitment to the therapy. Many clients can achieve results in 1-3 sessions. Other clients may need longer due to the nature of their needs. A typical session lasts about an hour.

I will discuss the number of sessions needed to deal with your issues and I will explain to you what is happening on a conscious and sub-conscious level. This will help you to gain insight to your issues, as well as a greater understanding of the problems.

Why do I behave and feel the way I do?
As we grow up we are moulded by our experiences and life events. We adapt to life’s circumstances and learned behaviours that become part of who we are and what we do. Every behaviour, symptom and feeling has a purpose and a reason for being there, it is the way that your unique mind has learnt to cope, or learnt to protect you from the challenges of life.

Resolve conflicts. Identifying and working through the beliefs that you have about yourself, beliefs often established in early life and adolescence, can have a profound effect on how you feel about yourself, your life and your relationships today. As a trained therapist, I use a range of therapeutic approaches to improve emotional or psychological issues.

Do I need Hypnotherapy or Counselling?  
Everybody is unique, so when you come to see me, we will discuss what it is that you need.

Most of our habits or circumstances that make us unhappy, are the result of thought and belief systems that are counter productive to our desires. Therapy can help the client to understand their own reactions in order to help them be more in control of their own lives.

During sessions we will focus on helping you to achieve the change you want, applying the most useful psychological methods. I will often use a combination of hypnotherapy and counselling techniques as this enables me to provide you with the best treatment possible.

Some people and some issues are better suited to hypnotherapy and some better suited to counselling.

Hypnotherapy and counselling is a great way to make changes in your attitudes that will, ultimately, affect your actions and behaviour.

Will my visit be confidential?
All your treatments will be kept confidential, this includes any free consultations which may be offered.
My sincere passion is working with my clients to assist them in achieving positive change for good.

Care and confidentiality at all times. I offer caring and professional help for the treatment of emotional and psychological discomfort through a combination of hypnotherapy and counselling.

Professional, Caring & Confidential

As an antidote to the challenges of everyday life, Crosby Hypnotherapy offers professional hypnotherapy and counselling. Tony offers a free initial consultation. This usually lasts for 30 minutes and is an opportunity to find out more about hypnotherapy and counselling.

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