Analytical Hypnotherapy

This type of therapy is sometimes referred to as hypnotherapy with psychotherapy or hypno-analysis.

Every symptom (effect) has a cause and this can seek expression in symptoms. Analytical hypnotherapy deals with the root cause of the symptom, giving fast, effective, empowering and long term change.

Analytical hypnotherapy resolves the inner conflict and underlying cause of problems. During therapy sessions, we explore various aspects of your life together and the feelings connected with them, linking experiences by talking about them. When we get to the originating causes of the conflicts and anxieties, we talk them through in a safe and gentle way until they are completely resolved.

Often people at the end of a course of this therapy find that they cope better with stress, they feel empowered and more confident.

Client’s who have experienced this therapy find:

  • They not only resolve their particular problem, but afterwards typically feel more relaxed, calmer, more in resilient to stress and they feel happier
  • They feel like a huge weight has been lifted from their shoulders
  • They cope better using their own resources
  • They feel more emotionally balanced and more confident
  • They feel re-energised and empowered so they are able to move forward in life with new levels of understanding and self awareness