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Based in Rodney St, Liverpool we offer professional Hypnotherapy and Counselling in Merseyside.

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Professional Hypnotherapy & Counselling in Liverpool

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Therapy types: Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy & Counselling.

Throughout our lives we experience difficulties that prevent us from achieving our goals and leaves many people feeling worthless, hopeless, unloving, misunderstood and confused as to what the next steps are to move toward overcoming those barriers and living life to the fullest. My emphasis is helping clients process through events in their lives that have affected the quality of their life and their relationships. Knowing that you are not on your own and talking through your emotions may be helpful.

My approach is non-directive and I aim to provide a safe environment, where you will not feel under pressure or judged, this allows you to explore and make sense of your own feelings and thoughts. I will work alongside you and at a pace that is right for you. I am aware that everyone progresses at different stages, this is why I adapt my sessions to meet and suit your individual needs. I have a caring and supportive approach and a genuine desire to help people live their best life possible, however challenging the circumstances.

Have you found it difficult to stop smoking? When you stop smoking you will be aware that it is one of the best things that you can do to improve the quality of life. We work towards 100% success rate.

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Manage stress symptoms through relaxation exercises and expressing feelings in a more constructive and healthy way. Most of us can deal with moderate amounts of stress.

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Many people reach for an alcoholic drink out of habit or to relax at the end of a long day, if you drink too much alcohol, hypnotherapy can help you to control the habit.

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If you want to make changes in your life, it can happen!
Do you suffer from Stress and Anxiety? Are you overweight and want to slim? Want to free yourself from habits and addictions? Do you wish you had more confidence in yourself and your abilities? Is there something you want to change for the better?

Whatever your particular issue you can be assured that you will receive a professional service. Whether you’d like to stop smoking, manage pain, relieve anxiety, lose weight, combat stress or anything else, contact Tony and find out how he could help you achieve your desired goal. Call or Email Tony for a free phone consultation – 07436 019 642.

Experienced and qualified
At Crosby Hypnotherapy & Counselling, we believe that a compassionate attitude combined with extensive life/work experience and professional training/qualifications is essential for good therapy. Tony has helped people from all walks of life, to resolve anxiety and stress, fears and phobias, depression and many other symptoms.